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Holtz Electric, Inc. offers state-of-the-art IP surveillance camera and access control systems for maximum security. The Holtz team installs easy-to-manage security systems to support customer safety and asset protection.



IP cameras are cameras that digitize and encode images locally and then transmit the video digitally over an Ethernet connection to a computer or storage device. Most IP cameras have a built-in web server that allows users to view the camera locally or remotely by logging in with a standard web browser. The video can be stored locally on the camera and/or storage server.  Benefits are:


• Can be powered via POE (Power-Over-Ethernet).

• Ease of use to manage.

• Reliable/durable.

• Remote accessible.

• Redundancy.

• Scalable.

• Single network cable for video, audio, PTZ control, and power.

• Superior Image Quality.


We can offer you:

• Cameras with 360 degree lens to take the place of multiple cameras.

• Cameras with thermal sensors for highly accurate alarming in all light conditions.

• Low maintenance system.

• Motion Analytics.

• Safe recording with fail-over storage.

• Software to manage cameras easily.

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Access Control

With an access control system installed, users have the ability to deny or permit entrance in their buildings as they see fit. Holtz Electric can install proven and easy to use IP based access control systems to meet your needs. Benefits are:


• Patented, all-in-one IP Reader Controller

• Industry Leader in IP Access Control

• Can be powered via POE (Power-Over-Ethernet).

• Ease of use to manage.

• Reliable/durable.

• Remote accessible.

• Scalable.

• Single network cable for control and power.


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